Monday, 25 July 2016

Six Month Reflection

It is hard to believe I am already halfway through my first year of teaching.  When I began in February I quickly realised that there was a lot for me to learn. University had left me feeling pretty under-prepared, as learning about something in a lecture room and actually putting it into practice are very different things.  This is one of the very reasons Manaiakalani created the MDTA, as it would better prepare beginning teachers for teaching in an innovative digital learning environment. I feel very privileged to be a part of the MDTA.  I have learnt so much from my mentor, post-graduate studies and digital immersion days.

Fast forward to July and I have come a long way from when I first day as a teacher in February. Here is a honest reflection of my first six months as a teacher.

Where have I come from?

  • I had a lack of content knowledge in mathematics and reading.  This came as quite a shock and had meant I spent much more time planning my LTPs as I had to get my head around the learning areas and what they entailed
  • For a while I lost my confidence in my teaching and my capabilities
  • I felt that as a BT I didn’t have anything to offer to my colleagues - what possibly could a BT know that an experienced teacher doesn’t?
  • I was always thoroughly planned, well in advance.
  • My lessons sought to use digital technologies to get my learners enthused about their learning
  • I didn’t have much of work/life balance.
  • I was also a massive worrier - What if this doesn’t work? How do I teach this? Am I actually helping my kids achieve? Am I making a difference?

Where am I now?

  • I have more confidence in myself, what I know, how I teach and what I can offer to my learners and colleagues
  • I feel I have more of a voice, and I know that I have a place in my school and that I can help contribute to the school.  
  • I know that I can make a difference and I am armed with so much knowledge about how to help engage learners.
  • I have the confidence to share my ideas with others.
  • I have seen the positives and negatives to a MLE.  It works for some learners, but not all.  
  • I have much better work/life balance - knowing how much work to do and where to draw the line.

Where to next?

  • Continue to find new ways to use technology to engage my learners and enhance my teaching,
  • Work more closely with my target learners.
  • Share my digital learning with my work colleagues on a more regular basis.
  • Find more ways to implement digital tools in my classroom.
  • Continue to build relationships with my learners and their whanau in my new school.
  • Reflect critically on my lessons and teaching on a more regular basis.

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