Friday, 26 February 2016

Pat Snedden's Inspiring Visit

Our day began with an inspiring talk with Pat Snedden, chair of the Manaiakalani Education Trust. He spoke about civil rights, racism and his connections to Ngati Whatua and Manaiakalani.  Pat also spoke about the significance of Manaiakalani and its impact on learners in the Tamaki region.

What resonated with me?

Pat Snedden’s talk was powerful and inspiring.  We and the people before us in Manaiakalani have the power to challenge deficit thinking, inequities and racism.  We have the ability to empower our learners.  We can make a difference.  What we are doing is for the children, and we must not forget that - how far they’ve come and how we can continue to help making a difference.


  1. Isn't he the best! We are privileged to have Pat put his considerable energy, talent and experience into making a difference for the people of Tamaki. I'm gla you were able to spend time with him.

  2. He is indeed! I agree, we are very lucky to have him in Manaiakalani.


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