Friday, 23 September 2016

20 Slides in 5 Minutes - Ignite Talks

On the last day of term 3 the MDTA had a go at making and presenting our first ignite talk.  The first time I had seen one was during the Manaiakalani Annual Hui.  The MIT teachers presented their inquiries through 20 sleek but punchy slides.  I was impressed with how well they did, as it does not look easy!

Ignite talks are presentations which use 20 slides that are displayed for 15 seconds.  Therefore, it is really important to ensure the slides are simple, as the 15 seconds flies by.  It is also important to consider what you will say when each slide is displayed.  I have noticed that some people rush through because they had too much planned on each slide.  Basically, simplicity is key and it is important to keep words and content minimal.

I was absent during the presentation of the ignite talks, however Georgia's ignite talk is an excellent example.  Her slides are simple but effective, and she only covers one idea per slide. She also speaks slowly and clearly.

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