Friday, 20 May 2016

iMovie 101

Today in digital immersion the MDTA learnt all about iMovie.  Our task was to create an iMovie about our learners.  I chose to focus on how my learners use Manaiakalani's 'Learn Create Share' pedagogy in their learning process.  I didn't have a lot of video footage so I created my own screencasts and included a DLO from one of the groups in my classroom.  Enjoy my movie!


  1. Pleased to see you continuing to develop your skills in this area. We are committed to supporting our teachers to be confident and effective at making film as it plays such a significant part in future focused learning. Good on you.

    1. Thank you Dorothy, I am learning so much during my Digital Immersion days :)

  2. I like how you have used the basis of Learn, Create, Share for your video, it is great to see it in action! Cool to use the students' use of video too. Well done for using what you had to create a cool little clip :)


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