Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A new chapter

Monday marked the beginning of a new chapter of my teaching career, as I started in a new school.  Leading up to this day I had so many wonderings whizzing through my mind. So many new experiences and faces were approaching.  A new school, new class, new students, new colleagues and new mentor.  However I have quickly adjusted to my new school and am loving it!  The learners are fantastic and the staff are very supportive.

Glen Innes School is a decile 1A school situated in the heart of Glen Innes.  The schools roll is just over 200, and caters to learners from years 1 - 8. As with other Manaiakalani schools, GIS uses digital tools to accelerate their learners achievement.  The juniors use iPads and the seniors use netbooks. I will be co-teaching in a year 7 & 8 class with my mentor teacher, Manor Ramkolowan.  

Today a pōwhiri was held to welcome me to the school.  A pōwhiri is a Māori welcoming ceremony involving speeches, dancing, singing and the hongi.  Previously I have only attended one pōwhiri before, so it was quite the experience having pōwhiri to welcome me.  Glen Innes School has held 4 pōwhiri's during the past year to welcome new staff members and organisations to the school.  Jono Hendricks, the principal at GIS, had decided to do this in response to the community we are situated in.  It is a great opportunity for learners and teachers to demonstrate their responsiveness and respect towards Maori culture and protocols.  The students involved did an amazing job. They were strong and confident in their roles, which made the ceremony powerful.  

I am looking forward to continuing to immerse myself in Glen Innes School and its wider community.

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  1. This is so exciting Chelsea, best of luck, I am sure you will love it! Look forward to hearing your stories about your new learners, enjoy week 2 :)


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