Monday, 20 June 2016

Health & Safety PD

Today during our staff meeting we had Maddie Worker  from ADHB come in and chat with us about Child Protection.  This was a really worthwhile PD session as a lot of questions were answered and protocols were clearly explained.  

It is so important for teachers to recognise and respond to the signs of trouble in our learners lives.  Students spend a lot of their time at school so teachers may observe that something does not seem right with a learner.  I feel teachers have the responsibility to ensure their learners are safe and happy and need to to speak up if they notice that their learner may be in an unsafe environment at home. It can also be hard when confronted with the realisation that a student is in fact in an unsafe environment at home, so it was really helpful to be informed how to maintain effective documentation.

This PD session made me feel much more confident about how to identify signs of abuse (physical, mental and emotional), what steps to take to ensure I document information correctly and how to ensure my learners are getting the help they need.  Unfortunately I may need to use this knowledge during my time as a teacher, so it is very important that I know what to do to ensure my learners have a safe, happy and loving home lives.

Here is a link to the doc I took during the PD session.

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