Tuesday, 7 June 2016


During this weeks Digital Immersion we explored the Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir site.  We were lucky enough to have Matt Goodwin, one of the teachers taking part in Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir, come in for a chat about what it entails.  We were also able to provide feedback and feedforward regarding the overall site and individual teachers.  

Class OnAir is a site where Manaiakalani teachers share their classrooms and lessons online to a global audience.  They demonstrate Manaiakalani's 'Learn, Create, Share' pedagogy and provide insight to how Manaiakalani teachers teach.  By clicking on the faces of the teachers, you can find links to lessons with videos, lesson plans and evaluations.  Moreover, there are links to the students' blogs and Google Documents.

Each teacher's site layout is similar and easy to follow.  You can access the teachers inquiry blog, class blog and class site from every page, as all teachers have used a similar header to display buttons.  Scrolling down the page you will find links to lessons as well as the learners blogs.  I found it easier to have a quick read through the teachers lesson plan before watching the clip.  It is important to remember that the clip only captures a segment of the lesson, so it is best to read the lesson plan to gain a better understanding of the clip.

The teachers that have opened their classrooms and teaching practice to the world are extremely brave!  It makes me think back to university and the stresses that would come when we had our visiting lecturers observing us.  I cannot imagine recording my lessons and publishing them for the world to see!  However these teachers have done an awesome job and have created some great lessons for their learners

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  1. Thanks for sharing this reflection Chelsea. I can see that you have connected with the intention of this programme and I look forward to seeing you apply in a couple of years :)


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