Saturday, 25 June 2016

Getting in front of a camera

Turns out it was quite a difficult task for me...

The digital immersion days leading up to this week we have created stop-motions, RSA animates, photo collages and multi-modal sites.  Today however we swapped our position from behind the camera to in front, as we began the task of creating our term 2 MDTA reflection videos. This was much harder than I had anticipated! 

Armed with some notes on what I would say about each section, Juliana and I set off to Point England Reserve to begin filming.  We hit our first road bump when we came to the realisation that we only had an iPhone and an iPad... No tripod or microphone or camera!  So then came the task of creating something to hold the iPad on.  We created a ridiculous stack of bags and laptop cases. Although it looked a little precarious it actually worked! But the iPad died and we couldn't get our laptops to charge it!  We decided to try our best to hold the iPhone stable and film that way.  This was another challenge! It was pretty hard to hold your arms still for over half an hour!

After filming Juliana's reflection, it was my turn.  This was a huge challenge for me! I am quite camera shy so I completely forgot everything I wanted to say.  I had chosen to not read from my notes as I wanted the interview to look authentic, and not rehearsed, however looking back a few bullet points may have been ideal.  

After watching the other MDTA teacher's films I realised I missed an awful lot in my reflection.  Manaiakalani and the MDTA is quite complex, there is so much to it and I feel I did not do Manaiakalani and the MDTA justice.  This weekend I am hoping to re-film and use bullet points.  Fingers crossed it still will look authentic. 

Wish me luck... I may need it!

This happened about 50 times

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